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Dear Friend:
  Over the last 20 years I've started and built a lucrative professional practice and a real-estate investment business. I've written books, become a sought after speaker and trained with Richard Bandler, students of Milton Erickson and others to hone my skills as a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and later as an instructor of hypnotherapists.

I've learned amazing skills both as a practitioner and as a marketer. In fact, I've taught hypnosis to physicians, lawyers, hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners and others. Why does any of that matter? Well, I'm a student of communications and of marketing and I'm very successful at both.

I've also worked with nationally known psychologist and Marketing expert Dr. David Weiman and spent a lot of time effort, energy and money to develop a system to improve the profitability of professional practices and I want to share that system with you. I also want you to decide, in advance, what your perfect practice would be like and to use these new skills to BUILD THAT PRACTICE.

I'd like to show you exactly how I do it in this information packed event.

The Hypnosis and NLP For Profit Seminar

A Two Day Highly Intensive, Highly Entertaining and Profitable Seminar

Monday and Tuesday September 19-20, 2005
Chandler Arizona

The Hypnosis and NLP For Profit Seminar will help you discover systems to quickly and easily create books, e-books, audios, and other products designed to at least double or triple your revenue.

You will also build new skills and confidence with Communications Grandmaster Dave Frees and get a healthy dose of marketing tools, skills, and techniques to turbo charge your practice.

This will be a comprehensive, content-rich event for people interested in leaving with ALL of the tools necessary to improve their skills and to build their practice credibility and profitability. These are the same skills that I've cultivated and the same system that I've used myself to create my own thriving professional practice and information business. As opposed to many people out there, I actually DO what I TEACH.

I've also used this system to help thousands of other business people, allied health care practitioners, and professionals, including lawyers, therapists, authors, speakers, and consultants.


It's All About Skill and Lifestyle
YOUR Skill and Your Lifestyle!

You work to create a great practice. You build your professional reputation by helping others. That's also how you make your living. You work in part to create a lifestyle for yourself and maybe a family. Your concept of how you want to life is unique. I want to help you achieve the lifestyle YOU dream about and deserve. That's why this program is equal parts skill and marketing - LIFESTYLE MARKETING ™ Building a Practice You Will Love.

For me, I want to provide a great learning environment for my three kids and Robin and we all like to travel. Almost every year we travel together, all over the world. Sometimes I speak, do book signings, lecture or give a seminar. But, to me that's fun. The kids often help. Last year we were in Australia and New Zealand for almost two months. The year before Greece. I took Robin to Paris in spring for her birthday.

I like being in a business that will let me have these vacations and to be with my family. I like personal freedom.

But that's just me. What kind of practice do you want? What kind of clients? What do you dream of doing?

This event will help you to realize the practice and lifestyle that you want. If not, I'll give you your money back. I guarantee it. It is that simple.

In baseball the mark of excellence is when a player is considered a five-tooler: Able to hit for average, power, speed, strong arm, steal bases. Well, Dave Frees is a "five tooler" speaker: strong content, delivery, humor, likeabity, story telling. I was laughing and still able to take notes! Remarkable speaker

Peter Fogel


How Will This Event Be Different?

At many hypnosis or NLP seminars and trainings you listen to a talking head. Not here. At this event you'll learn the strategies of great skills then you'll learn the technique. You'll get to perform various inductions. At most programs there's no marketing component. Even if you learn a lot how do you sell it? How do you profit? At many programs you get a flimsy handout.

Here you'll get:

  • An extensive handbook which includes forms and numerous interviews and cd programs.
  • Numerous forms to use in the system
  • Tools for tracking Your Success
  • Check Lists for skill building and for marketing and managing your practice
  • Licensed products that you get for free to attract and keep clients
  • An opportunity to co-author an upcoming book that you can use to promote your practice
  • All the tools you need to begin creating, selling and profiting from your own information products that will also help to build your practice
  • Tools to help you get speaking engagements and testimonials that promote you, your products and services
  • There are hundreds of dollars worth of additional books and cds that you'll receive when you attend. See that list before you register.
  • And many more benefits and bonuses we'll review later.

At this event, I'll give you both skill building and marketing mastery through an easy to follow system. This system is easy to use, highly profitable but somewhat radical. Learn it now so that you ready to catch the wave. Great ideas can catch on fast. Don't be late - be on time for this one.

We'll present this information in a clear and logical, step-by-step plan to help you catapult your business. When you leave, you'll have a specific course of action to take. Nothing will be left to chance! We'll even do a group induction with powerful post hypnotic suggestion to allow you to take the actions you'll need to maximize the benefits to you. In short, you'll have the car, a guide, and a complete roadmap to success in you practice. You'll also be taking the journey designed to build just the type of practice you most desire. Many programs offer generic marketing techniques and you waste your time and resources building a practice that keeps you busy doing unprofitable work. Not any longer.


A Few (of many) Key Concepts You'll Learn At This Event:
  • Develop an easy to deploy marketing system to boost your practice and sell profitable products you own and create
  • Secrets of long-time information marketers that would take you years to discover "solo"
  • The easiest and most profitable ways to serve your clients and boost your profits-audio programs, seminars, and teleconferences.
  • Why you should write a book, article, or report and how to build customer loyalty, referrals and new sources of income.
  • How to maximize website profit including how you can get web addresses for as little as $7-$8 per year.
  • Understand and use urls, merchant accounts, shopping carts and more

In other words this seminar is long on content and materials that you can immediately use and it's short on fluff.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to improve their hypnosis and/or NLP skills, develop new techniques and to help your clients achieve their goals in an elegant, successful way.

Anyone who wants to learn quick trance inductions, how to work more effectively in light trance, how to work more quickly and effortlessly, and how to use and enhance your clients natural skills and beliefs.

Anyone who wants to promote their practices and services and substantially increase their sources of income from the creation of a line of promotional and useful information products including books, e-books, audios, CD-ROMs, Videos, DVD's, seminars, tele-seminars, coaching, bootcamps, reports, articles, or consulting.

Highest recommendation!  A marketing genius! Dave's wealth of knowledge in effective marketing techniques is unsurpassed.  He has worked with our wealth management business extensively, and our client base has grown ten-fold.

Kurt Kunsch

Who Should NOT Attend?

Please do not attend this event if you aren't open to new ideas or think you know it all. I have no interest in trying to work with someone who will not open you mind to new ideas that have been proven to work.

Some of the information at this event will be so different than the status-quo that you'll have to keep an open mind. Trust me, you'll be amazed.

Your Host For This Event:

Dave Frees

Dave Frees is an internationally known keynote speaker on a variety of topics related to communication. He is certified in NLP by Richard Bandler and is a certified Instructor of Hypnosis. His Success Technologies Institute offers certification in Hypnosis and NLP. David has worked with physicians, allied healthcare professional, psychologists and others to teach hypnosis. He regularly works with businesses and professionals to teach persuasion and enhanced communication techniques. He has also spoken to university audiences.

David has been called a grandmaster of communications by Steve Forbes and is widely sought after as an instructor of hypnotic inductions for problem solving, enhanced creativity, and improved performance. He is the co-creator of Lifestyle Marketing: Building a Professional Practice You Will Love™ with Dr. David Weiman and is retained by large and small professional practices to build marketing skills.

He is the author of the successful book: The Language of Parenting: Building Great Family Relationships At All Ages, which is available through Borders, Barnes & Noble, and across the nation in independent bookstores or from

You should also know that I have:

  • Been marketing and selling information products such as videos, books, tapes, cds and seminars for almost 20 years - which also help to promote my professional practice

  • Present seminars and key-note speeches to trade associations, businesses, universities and to community and political groups where my products are often sold.

  • Personally sold millions of dollars worth of my own information products and services

  • Written 3 books with two more on the way and my most recent book is sold at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

  • Produced hundreds of audio and video programs for my clients and seminar attendees

  • Written a weekly newspaper column and hosted a radio show entitled Abundant Living.

  • Regularly appear on radio and television to promote my practice and information products

What I'll Cover At This Event

This is a general outline of what will happen when. However, this agenda is not set in stone. Things can change and often do as we customize the program for you. For the most part, here's how things will go:

Introduction - Monday and Tuesday Mornings

The mornings will focus on improved skills in hypnosis and NLP. You will work with me directly and other participants to practice the many new and enhanced skills that you will learn.

Participants will learn:

  • How teaching enhanced learning and memory skills can build a practice

  • How to do speed inductions

  • How to employ and resolve resistance

  • How to use generalized suggestions

  • How to build a cycle of improvement for your clients

  • How to work with and without scripts

All participants will also enjoy group inductions to enhance your own performance, reduce stress, and improve your creative practice building skills.

Afternoons - LifeStyle Marketing™: Building a Practice that You'll Love

The afternoons will focus on an easy to customize, easy to use system for rapidly building and sustaining a more successful, profitable and enjoyable practice.

We'll give you a system for identifying the types of clients and work that you most enjoy and then how to generate profit and client satisfaction.

It will include:

  • Forms to help manage and market

  • Building client referrals of the right kind of work

  • How to use books cds, tapes, seminars, workshops, teleconferences and many other tactics to build you practice and to multiply it's profitability.

  • How to market both online and offline.

  • Learn how a CNN and Fox News producer will teach you to get more media coverage in your area.

  • You will receive a full and complete and customized Internet and non Internet marketing plan.

Why Sell Information Products?

  • Margins are incredible as opposed to most other products/services

  • Simple things to make massive amounts of money literally while you sleep

  • Makes you an expert/authority on the topic - thus generating you speaking engagements, etc.

Selecting a Market: You Need to Select a Niche

  • Your personal background

  • Your personal interests

  • Only work on projects where you have a passion

  • Niche must be big enough to warrant your time

  • How many total buying units?

  • How willing are they as a group to spend money on these kinds of items?

  • If your goal is to go after the mass market, start with a few niche markets first

Payment Methods

Make it Easy for People to Buy

Why you should always take checks and how to avoid getting stiffed

On-line ordering systems to make it easy for both you and your clients

Why it is ABSOLUTELY essential to have both an on and offline account

Cash/Money Orders should always be accepted
What one form of payment should you NEVER accept?

Testimonials: The "Mother's Milk" of the Product Sales Process

I'm going to explain and teach you why testimonials are so important to build your practice and how you can get them.

At the end of any event, hand out an evaluation and what you MUST say when you do

When someone calls you to thank you, this is the time to hit them up - ask for a fax

What's the best form to receive a testimonial in and how you can get them

Many will want you to write and have them sign - beware of ONE thing

The single most important thing that someone can allow you to do with their testimonial

Marketing Philosophy: Start with those methods that are least expensive & match your personal style

Keys to generating leads at little or no charge

How to get your articles published in other people's E-zines

When to do pro-bono work and charity benefits and hot to make them PAY

How to get to teach at continuing education classes

Networking at other people's seminars/event; alumni associations, church groups, etc.

Where to sign up to teach free classes for maximum exposure

How to use radio publicity at

Other little known and seldom used marketing methods that work

Selling Your Products Through Others

You'll also learn how to license and sell your products through others and how your product sales can drive new business to your practice.

Designing a Website That Sells: Your website is the HEART of your on-line sales system!

Tricks to assuring that your website is super-effective

Critical web mistakes that 99.9% of website owners are making that YOU will NOT

Your two goals when people come to your site and how to accomplish them

When and how to use public forums to promote yourself and your site and drive traffic there

Systems to using pay-per-click search engines to maximize traffic at minimum cost

Using auction sites to generate traffic to your sites in a not-so-subtle time

What you need to know NOW about search engine placement

Postcards and Off-line Marketing

Only method of traditional direct marketing that is still affordable

Direct them to call a free recorded message or send them to a website address

Your only goal with prospects is to get them to call or go to a website

Customers can be sold low end products with a postcard alone

Selling Products from the Platform

If you like doing seminars/speaking, this can be a great sales outlet

Key is to have products that you believe in
Offer people a great deal at the event


If This Sounds Like a Lot of Information, You're Right!

It is.  I don't care what you have going on, you've got to make it to this event. If you have to, change your schedule! I also want everyone to be able to leave and act on this stuff. We'll have a rolodex of resources and the program will include a specific checklist and resources to help you implement all the new knowledge and information you get at the program.

Million Dollar Rolodex!

To make your life easier I'll have my rolodex of suppliers, websites and resources including shopping carts, web services, editors, etc.

Plenty of Time for YOUR Questions

You'll have plenty of time. I WILL NOT LEAVE each day until all of your questions have been answered. You have my word on that. I can't stand it at events where the speakers RUN out of the room as soon as the day is over when you have questions that need to be answered.

Many events give you a lot of information but bring up more questions than they answer. At this event, you'll be given a lot of information but you won't leave with any question unanswered.

Everyone Leaves with a Personalized Plan

You will create a written action plan to follow when you leave. That way you'll leave with no uncertainty as to how to get going.

How many seminars or events have you been to that give you a whole lot of information but no plan to implement the concepts? If you're like me, quite a few!

You'll leave knowing exactly what to do and in what order. I'll give you a plan of action that will make your success as a seminar promoter almost certain.


The price for this event is just $397 (discounted to $150.00 if you're attending the Hypnobirthing Conclave in Chandler Arizona). Your spouse, partner, or guest can also attend for only $150.00. Any additional people from your business or group can come for just an additional $97.00 each.


My 100% Money Back Guarantee

"If at anytime during the program you're not completely satisfied with the enormous amount of knowledge, materials, and information, just let us know.

We'll refund your money."

Click Here To Register Right Now!



Location and Times

The program starts at 9AM and ends at 5:00PM. Each evening we will have an optional dinner at a nearby restaurant. Many of our participants tell us that this is the most valuable part of our event. They get to talk to me and other participants in an informal environment and get their questions answered face to face. On Tuesday, for anyone who wants more, David will do additional trance work, skill building and will help participants with questions on their customized plans. That's why I recommend traveling in on Sunday, and leaving on Wednesday.

Hotel Information

You'll be staying at a beautiful resort The San Marcos. It's just 30mins from the Phoenix airport and is located in Chandler Arizona. Look at the photos and get all the information on the attached page. If you mention the HypnoBirthing conference you may qualify for one of a limited number of discount hotel rooms.
Click here for more info including photos, a map, and reservations

3 Ways to Order:

On-line: Securely on-line by CLICKING HERE If you need anything more just look at the hundreds of dollars of bonus books, cds etc. below.

By Phone: Call our toll free number at: 1-800-769-5454

By Fax: To register by fax, simply put your name, your credit card number and expiration date and sign the fax. Mention the Phoenix Hypnosis Program. We'll call you back to let you know you're order has been processed. The fax number is 1-610-993-0710.

Questions Before You Order?

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. The number is 610-933-8069. Just ask for Tara or Nancy and they'll get your contact information and a good time for me to call you back.

Can't Make it to the Event?

This event will be so valuable to you that I suggest you change your plans. But in the event that you or one of your kids is getting married or you're getting your gall bladder removed that weekend, there is another choice.

If it is absolutely impossible for you to attend, you can order a manual, cds and many of the materials covered this seminar. To order the Hypnosis For Profit Program to help you build a profitable practice that you'll love, just visit

In Conclusion

For most people, the cost of this event will be made up within days of attending
You'll learn things that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the next few years.

You owe it to yourself to invest in this incredible opportunity. Take action now. If you set this aside, you'll end up forgetting about it.
Act instead!

So, Now What?

If you're considering skipping this event, THINK AGAIN!
I give you my personal guarantee that this event will be worth your time. You can sit on your hands and do nothing or you can pick up the phone and call NOW to register.
The information you'll get at this event will pay you dividends for years to come.
If you want to be able to create a steady stream of income that will keep flowing even if you stop working, this is the event for you. CALL NOW to reserve a space.


David Frees

PS - This event will fill up quickly. Make sure and register NOW to get all the bonuses."

PPS - If you absolutely can't make it to the event, make sure and get a set of the audio tapes.

Click Here to register for the seminar

Click here to buy the program if you can't attend

Bonuses When You Attend

  • A copy of David's book: The Language of Parenting: Building Great Family Relationships AT All Ages ($15.00 value)

  • Copies of 4 Fred Gleeck eBooks on Selling Information Products and related topics (a $120.00 value)

  • LifeStyle Marketing(tm) two CD set with David Frees and Dr. David Weiman (a $97.00 value)

  • Media Coaching cd with famed media coach Jonie Badyna (a $97.00 value)

  • Dave Frees' Quantum Communication 4 cd set (a $297.00 value)

Total Value of Bonus's - $626.00


For the first 5 registrants, I will give you 2 bonus telephone consultations and coaching sessions. This is by itself worth $600. Valid for the first 5 to register ONLY. Sorry number 6...

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


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